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 Energy Performance Certificate


According to the Energy Efficiency Law No. 5627 and the Regulation on Energy Performance in Buildings issued accordingly, the energy requirement and energy consumption classification of the building, greenhouse gas emission level, insulation properties, as a minimum, to ensure the effective and efficient use of energy and energy resources in buildings, prevention of energy waste, and protection of the environment. and the document containing information on the efficiency of heating and / or cooling systems.


In simpler terms, energy performance classifications in white goods such as refrigerators, washing machines or air conditioners now apply to buildings. These classifications are made from A to G. Class A indicates the most efficient level, while Class G indicates the lowest efficient level. The document showing this classification in buildings is called Energy Identity Certificate or EKB for short.


The energy identity certificate class of new or existing buildings should be designed and built in the lowest C class. New buildings to be built or currently being built at a lower level than Class C cannot obtain a residence         permit by law.


There is no minimum classification level requirement for an energy identity document for existing buildings. Existing buildings can obtain any class Energy Identity Certificate from Class A to Class G, depending on the parameters such as current thermal insulation, thermal insulation of windows, efficiency of heating-cooling equipment,      lighting fixtures.

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