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Reinforced concrete is the name of the building material produced by strengthening the concrete by using steel   ( reinforcement ). It is an engineering term that has been translated into Turkish from French. The word 'béton armé', the French original of the word, means reinforced concrete.

The reinforced concrete elements (columns, beams, flooring, etc.) used in the building are exposed to some stresses. These are generally compressive, tensile, shear and torsional effects. Concrete, which is brittle in behavior, is reinforced with ductile steel to obtain reinforced concrete, a composite building material. With this reinforcement, it has been possible to cross openings with smaller cross-sections. Pre-stressed / post-tensioned concrete is obtained by post or pre-stressing the steel placed in the element. Concrete and steel in the reinforced concrete building element together resist these stresses. Meanwhile, concrete meets more compressive stresses, while steel meets more tensile stresses.

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